Darkness Exhumed

Darkness Exhumed is a survival sandbox game with monsters!

The game revolves around building a base and staying alive while dominating the world. The game focuses heavily on building mechanisms to aid your survival however it is possible to survive without. The game when finished will feature multiplayer and keep getting updated until I am done with it. The game will probably cost around £5 on release and maybe £2.50 during beta.

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A-levels are over!


Working towards a new video update, the one above is rather old. Finished my a-levels and thus can dedicate more time to this project. I'll try and keep a lot of these updates on the forums aswell.

New Website!


So today we finally gave the website and logo a good clean up. The site is now a lot larger and nicer. Thanks to Jamie Moreland for helping with it and thanks to Sekaru for the new logo.